Wyland, The Undersea World of

Wyland, The Undersea World of

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The Undersea World of Wyland; Foreword by Sylvia A Earle

Welcome to the incomparable ocean world of Wyland, the most influential marine artist of our time – perhaps of all time. With more than 100 full-colour reproductions of Wyland’s finest paintings, this spectacular volume will transport you intro the sublime chambers of nature’s underwater kingdom, guided by the eyes of an authentic environmental visionary.

Here you will find not only Wyland’s beloved whales and dolphins, but also many of the other creatures – sea turtles, manatees, sharks, and reef fish – that have been elevated into the world’s consciousness by Wyland’s art. Also featured is his work from the Whaling Wall project – his ambitious plan to paint 100 murals depicting life-size whales and dolphins around the globe by the year 2001, 30 years after the artist completed his first Whaling Wall in Laguna Beach in 1981.

For lovers of marine art, for friends of the earth and its oceans, and for Wyland’s many fans and followers the world over, The Undersea World of Wyland will be a treasure forever.

‘I think that anybody who has spent a lot of time in the water, especially diving, understands this great feeling you get, like being born again.’ – Wyland.

Hard cover, 176 pages, colour, 24x31cm.