Rules & Information

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Categories and Prize Information

When you enter, make sure to tell us what camera make and model you're using and then we'll know what category to enter your pic into.

Interchangeable Lens Camera category winner: $100
Interchangeable Lens Camera category highly commended: $50
Point-n-Shoot Camera category winner: $100
Point-n-Shoot Camera category highly commended: $50

Entry limit: 3 per person.


Judging is performed by Sea Tech Ltd. We anonymize your images as much as possible so as not to unintentionally bias the outcome.

Judging criteria

Criteria may evolve over time. Judges reserve the right to change criteria as they see fit.

  • Composition - including cropping, photoshop
  • Focus - is it in focus? Where is the focus?
  • Light and shadow - blacks are black, whites are white, no distracting shadows
  • Subject matter / Wow factor
  • Originality of image

Information & where to send it

Please can you email a large hi-res copy of your photo to:

Subject line: S of C comp.

Plus the normal info such as:

  • Photo Details:
  • Image Name:
  • Entry Name:
  • Country / State:
  • Email Address:
  • Entry Date:
  • Image Location:
  • Photographic Equipment Used: camera, housing, lights etc.
  • Image Details: ie ISO, f-stop and post-prod work etc


  1. New Zealand or Australian residents only may enter as of 2021.
  2. Images should be in good taste with respect for the environment (no harming of wildlife).
  3. Images must be taken underwater (either fully or at least partially submerged) with a digital or film camera.
  4. Images with watermarks cannot be judged. Remember that judging is blind so putting your name on an image effectively disqualifies you!
  5. You must own the copyright and must have taken the image you submit.
  6. You may edit or enhance your images with a view to improving their quality while maintaining a natural appeal; any manipulation should be noted in your comments.
  7. Uploaded photos should be of highest possible quality. For winning images we may request a higher quality version for print.
  8. If you have any queries or need to alter an entry, email
  9. You can upload a maximum of three photos per contest; there is no entry fee.
  10. Important: If you have won the Novice Category twice then you must upgrade to entering the Advanced Category, ie you are ineligible to continue entering the Novice Category. You cannot split your entries between the two categories.
  11. Please complete your contact details accurately so we may contact you if you win.
  12. Permission to publish your entry in Dive New Zealand/Dive Pacific magazines both print and digital as well as on the Dive New Zealand and the Sea Tech websites in relation to the competition is assumed but no entry will be sold or used for purposes outside of the competition and its promotion without the express permission of the entrant.
  13. Images submitted can be used without notification and free of any charges when used for promotional purposes by Sea Tech Ltd.
  14.  Images submitted can be used without notification and free of any charges within the magazine for educational/photographic tutorials on enhancing an image.
  15. Previous issue's winning images are available for viewing online.
  16. You have to be in to win; the competition and prizes will not grow if you don’t participate and best of all, it’s free, so have fun and good luck!