Leak Insure - Shorty, Gostrips, Slim, Mini

Leak Insure - Shorty, Gostrips, Slim, Mini

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Absorbent Sachets for Underwater Camera Housings - Protect Your Underwater Camera from Leaks & Condensation

Absorbs minor leaks and reduces camera fogging. Leak Insure sachets contain highly absorbent granules that can hold 400 times their own weight in freshwater. If you place one or two Leak Insure sachets in your underwater housing before a dive you can buy valuable time to get to the surface and save your camera if it starts to leak. Why run the risk of ruining your camera?

Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable

Leak Insure Shorty

  • Contents: 5 Sachets 60mm x 20mm
  • Absorbtion Capacity approx.: 14ml per sachet

Leak Insure GoStrips for use in GoPro®

  • Contents: 16 Absorbent Strips 42mm x 30mm
  • Absorbtion Capacity approx.: 15ml per strip

Leak Insure Slim

  • Contents: 5 Sachets 20mm x 80mm
  • Absorbtion Capacity approx.: 17.5ml per sachet

Leak Insure Mini

  • Contents: 5 Sachets 45mm x 40mm
  • Absorbtion Capacity approx.: 20ml per sachet


Leak Insure Sachets are designed to give you more time to get your underwater equipment out of the water in the event of a leak. They are not a guarantee that if you get a leak they will save your underwater equipment. We accept no liability for damages caused to your equipment.

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