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      Metal Detector vs. Magnetometer

      If you are searching primarily for nonferrous metal (gold, silver, lead, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc.), the best piece of equipment is a metal detector.

      If you are searching primarily for ferrous metal objects (iron and steel), the best piece of equipment is a magnetometer. The advantage of using a magnetometer is that it has a much greater detection area than a metal detector.

      NOTE: Below we list our most popular products. All products are available - if you're looking for something not listed here, please contact us.

      Metal Detectors

      JW Fishers Pulse 6X Metal Detector

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      JW Fishers Pulse 8X Metal Detector

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      JW Fishers SAR-1 Search & Recovery Underwater Metal Detector

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      Aquascan AQ1B Aquapulse Underwater Metal Detector

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      JW Fishers DiverMag1 Magnetometer

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      Aquascan DX300 Diver Magnetometer

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      Survey and navigation software

      Aquascan offers various software packages, ranging from logging software for the AX2000 and MC5 magnetometers to Portable Navigator and AIS-sim.

      Interested in a Survey and navigation software? Contact us via email or phone on 09-521 0684 for a quote.

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