Nauticam Adjustable Right Handle II - 71208

Nauticam Adjustable Right Handle II - 71208

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  • Vendor:Nauticam

Adjustable right handle is compatible with both Flexitray and Easitray and a handle extension is available in 20mm and 30mm.

It is designed to be mounted on the Easitray II and Flexitray II but also comes with an adapter plate for the earlier Easitray I and Flexitray I.

The right side handle, as is the left side handle, is designed to accept the Nauticam mount ball 1" ball adapter (shown in image but not included with purchase of the handle).

The right side handle can be adjusted for spacing left-to-right and forward and back.  If additional length is needed, add an optional Nauticam 20mm extension or Nauticam 30mm extension.

Product Weight: 200g