Inon SD Mount Base UWH1 for Sony FDR-X3000

Inon SD Mount Base UWH1 for Sony FDR-X3000

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The INON SD Mount Base, UWH1, is a simple solution to add an attachment lens or arm system on Sony MPK-UWH1 Underwater Housing for Action Cam.

Compatible cameras

  • SONY FDR-X3000/X3000R in combination with packaged MPK-UWH1 Housing
  • SONY HDR-AS300/AS300R in combination with packaged MPK-UWH1 Housing

This mount base supports a “less shake” 4K action camera with existing INON lenses, arms, handles and lighting system to enjoy underwater 4K video and still images in various scenarios.

SD Mount Base UWH1 Features

  • Easy to install to snap it in front of the camera and fix with a tripod screw on the bottom.
  • Equipped with INON SD Mount bayonet system to support easy and speedy exchange as well as reliable installation of compatible SD Mount lenses.
  • INON Direct Base III, Z Joint or Z Adapter MV can be attached on the bottom of this product.
  • Packaged Mount Adapter for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask enables to add one INON D Holder on this product on right or left side of this product.
  • The Mount Adapter further enables to attach the SD Mount Base UWH1 on a tripod or monopod.
  • Optional Male Adapter enables to attach GoPro compatible mount on the bottom of this product.

SD Mount Base UWH1 Specifications

  • Size (including protruded parts): 65.4mm/2.6in (W), 88.0mm/3.5in (H), 83.6mm/3.3in (D)
  • Weight: 70g/2.5oz (air), approx.40g/1.4oz (underwater)
  • Material/surface finishing: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy/rigid alumite, POM etc.

Compatible Lenses & Recommended Shooting Distance

UFL-G140 SD Underwater Semi-fisheye Conversion Lens (*4)(*5)(*6)

  • Recommended shooting distance: 4cm/1.6in to infinity from lens surface.

UCL-G165 SD Underwater Wide Close-up Lens (*4)(*5)(*7)

  • Recommended shooting distance: 5cm/2in to 35cm/13.8 in from lens surface.

(*4) Select SteadyShot (Movie) “Act” when shooting video as “Std” and “OFF” cause slight vignetting. Select SteadyShot (Still) “ON” when shooting still image

(*5) Excessive camera movement may result vignetting even SteadyShot (Movie) “Act” is selected.

(*6) This lens is designed only for underwater use. (When using on land, distant subject is not in focus, angle of view is not as wide as rated and vignetting will be observed)