Inon SD Front Mask for HERO8
Inon SD Front Mask for HERO8

Inon SD Front Mask for HERO8

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Compatible model:

  • GoPro HERO8 Black

Only compatible with GoPro genuine protective housing.

Compatible lens:

Quick Lens Replacement with SD Mount

Equipped with INON "SD Mount" bayonet system with additional locking feature to support easy and speedy lens exchange as well as reliable installation of INON "UFL-G140 SD underwater semi-fisheye conversion lens" or "UCL-G165 SD underwater wide close-up lens" designed exclusively for an action camera like GoPro®. Of course the SD Front Mask for HERO8 is usable without any attachment lens.

Optional Accessories for Selfie, Follow Camera

Using an optional “Ball Adapter for GoPro” attached on the “Carbon Telescopic Arm” to combine with your GoPro camera, is an ideal selfie system to record while swimming around. INON's original fixing screw can securely hold the camera in place, enabling stable video recording underwater without worrying about unexpected camera displacement due to current. All components are designed for underwater use offering superior durability and corrosion resistant characteristic. Attaching a conversion lens on an action camera gets heavy especially when using a “Carbon Telescopic Arm”. Optional “Mega Float Tube” attached on top end of the arm supports comfortable handing underwater without having heavy load on hand grip.

Ball Adapter for GoPro

Compatible arms:
・Stick Arm XS-T
・Stick Arm SS-T
・Stick Arm S-T
・Stick Arm M-T
・Carbon Telescopic Arm (SS/S/M/L)

Set-up Example - Carbon Telescopic Arm S

Lightweight Reinforced Plastic

Made of reinforced plastic (FRP) for durability and not to compromise benefit of lightweight GoPro® camera. Easy to install to snap on the front of a housing and fix with a thumbscrew.


The bottom of the SD Front Mask for HERO8 has a screw hole to attach joint adapters including "Direct Base III", "Z Joint", "Z Adapter MV" and "Shoe Base M6" to use GoPro® cameras for various applications.

The SD Front Mask for HERO8 comes with "Male Adapter (GoPro) for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" which is attached on the bottom of the SD Front Mask for HERO8 to use GoPro® compatible accessories.


Supplied Mount Adapter enables to install one "D5 Holder" on the left hand side supporting stable shooting underwater. Combining with the “Grip Base D5”* and “D5 Holder” allows you to hold the camera steadily with both hands for stable shooting underwater with less camera shake and you can enjoy a full-scale underwater video system with dual lighting.

* Optional “Direct Base YS RT”and “Z Joint”are required to attach “Grip Base D5”.

Tripod, Monopod

The Mount Adapter is equipped with the tripod screw (1/4") to link to a tripod or monopod for shooting no camera shake footage, time-lapse, fixed-point observation etc. 

Size 68 mm/2.7 in (W) × 85 mm/3.3 in (H) × 35 mm/1.4 in (D)
(excluding protruded parts)
Weight [air] 38 g/1.3 oz
[underwater] approx. 15 g/0.5 oz
Material/finishing Polycarbonate, POM etc.

*GOPRO, HERO, are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc.

Notes on use

  • When using on land, deactivating video stabilization will have vignetting even without an attachment lens (No vignetting underwater). So make sure to activate video stabilization on land.
  • The “UFL-G140 SD” and “UCL-G165 SD” are designed for underwater use and not usable on land.

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