Inon Grip Base M1

Inon Grip Base M1

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The Grip Base M1 is an arm base for a midsize underwater housing for micro four thirds system etc. Firmly attached on a housing with two tripod screws.

The Base is equipped with legs to provide stable placement of combined housing. The center stand is removable to reduce total weight if the center stand is not required. Like the "Grip Base D4", a wide variety of Inon arm systems are compatible with this product for expanding your system with strobes and/or LED flashlight. It is easy to set up a multiple lighting system with dual strobe configuration by attaching an extra "D Holder".


  • 273g (9.6oz) [air]/ approx.158g (5.6oz) [underwater]
  • 236g (8.3oz) [air]/ approx.131g (4.6oz) [underwater] *excl. Center Leg

Compatible Housings:

  • INON X-2 for GF1, INON X-2 for GF2
  • Olympus PT-EP01, Olympus PT-EP03,
  • Olympus PT-EP05L, Olympus PT-EP06L,
  • Olympus PT-EP08, Olympus PT-EP10,
  • Olympus PT-EP11, Olympus PT-EP12,
  • Olympus PT-EP13
  • Olympus PT-053, Olympus PT-054,
  • Olympus PT-055, Olympus PT-056
  • Nikon WP-N1, Nikon WP-N2, Nikon WP-N3
  • Sony MPK-URX100A
Compatible with: