Inon Z Adapter MV

Inon Z Adapter MV

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The Inon Z Adapter MV is used to attach Z-240, D-2000 and S-2000 strobes or Double Light Holder LE, Strobe Light Holder LE on an arm body or Direct Base III etc. via a clamp. The ball-joint is made from plastic to provide flexible strobe positioning without loosening a clamp to provide comfortable strobe aiming.

  • Full length: 76mm (3.0in)
  • Effective length: 58mm (2.3in)
  • Weight: 35g (1.2oz) [air] / approx.16g (0.6oz) [underwater]


  • S-2000, Z-240, D-2000,
  • D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn, D-180, D-180S, Z-220F, Z-220F, Z-220S,
  • Double Light Holder LE, Quad Light Holder LE, Strobe Light Holder LE,
  • SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+, SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4, SD Front Mask STD