Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU
Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU
Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU
Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU
Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU
Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU

Ikelite DS160 II - 160Ws TTL Strobe NiMH with Modeling Light - 40160AU

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DS160 II 160Ws TTL Underwater Strobe

Industry-Leading Technology: Quality of light in a lightweight package

The DS160 underwater strobe is the long-standing choice of professionals who need a strobe that can be relied on to perform over and over. No strobe on the market today comes close to the number of hours of factory and field testing as our DS160-series, including under the Antarctic ice.

  • 40160AU (includes charger with Australian plug) - Sea Tech sells this version, compatible with NZ

Find a replacement or spare battery here.

Performance When It Counts, Every Time

There's a simple rule to underwater lighting: more is better. A fast and powerful strobe is the easiest way to improve your underwater photos.


10 stops in 1/2-stop increments

Strobe Connector Ikelite Bulkhead
Aiming Light 205 Lumen LED Spot
Colour Temperature 4800K
Depth Rating 330 feet (100 meters)
Weight 2.7 lb
Dimensions 3.6" diameter x 7.2" length (91 x 183 mm)

Instruction Manual

Light Quality

Our proprietary circular flashtube design and soft white powder coated reflector produce a quality of light that is widely accepted as the perfect choice for professional wide angle underwater photography.

A custom formulated ABS-PC blend make the strobe fundamentally corrosion-proof and over 1/2 lb (237 g) lighter than aluminum-body strobes.

The DS160 beam is designed for proper spread and color temperature without adding a light-reducing diffuser. The optional Dome Diffuser # 4069.2 is available to extend the spread of the light with only a half-stop reduction of apparent brightness.


Change settings quickly without taking your eyes off the subject. Life moves quickly underwater and you need to be able to react instantly when your lighting needs change. Shooters who use manual strobe exposure settings prefer our large, click-stop dial controls which provide intuitive, tactical feedback of exposure setting.

The robust dial controls are now even larger and taller for comfortable use with even the thickest gloves. A slide lock prevents the strobe from accidentally being turned on when not in use.

High-Performance Power

Your strobe is only as powerful as the batteries that drive it. Commercially available batteries do not have the low internal impedance required for truly fast recycle times. Even the best rechargeable AA batteries are sluggish in high-powered strobes and only get slower and weaker as their charge drains.

Our custom rechargeable cells power high frame rate firing from the first shot to the last. These premium quality industrial grade NiMH cells have been proven to out perform alkaline and lithium cells in real world underwater conditions, including the temperature fluctuations and storage conditions of the photographer diver. While 5 years is the average lifespan of a rechargeable pack, we routinely talk to shooters who are happily using 10-15 year old NiMH battery packs.

The battery pack attaches quickly and easily with a unique toggle lock that prevents accidental floods. You don't even need to lubricate the o-ring. The strobe front is compatible with older NiMH Battery Packs # 4066.5 or the DS230 Strobe Battery Pack # 40066BK.

A Name to Trust

Ikelite was the first to introduce these underwater strobe technologies which are considered standard today: aiming lights, interchangeable cords, removable battery packs, smart charging, battery power indicators, wireless TTL slave sensors, built-in video lights, and TTL communication with digital cameras.

We have the longest track record in the design and manufacture of professional strobe lighting for underwater use. We offer the only underwater strobes designed and manufactured in the USA and distributed worldwide to over 95 countries.

In the Box

DS160 Strobe Front # 40160X
Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack # 40066GY
Battery Pack Cover # 0591.4
Smart Charger for NiMH with USA Plug # 0083.92 (or 0083.93 Euro Plug / 0083.94 UK Plug / 0083.95 Australian Plug)
Diffuser # 0591.3
1" Ball Mount # 4081.4 (installed)
Waterproof bulkhead cap # 9104.7
2 year limited warranty

Taken with DS Strobes

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