Canon EOS R5 - Ikelite 50DL Housing - 73764
Canon EOS R5 - Ikelite 50DL Housing - 73764
Canon EOS R5 - Ikelite 50DL Housing - 73764

Canon EOS R5 - Ikelite 50DL Housing - 73764

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50DL Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Product # 73764

LINK:Canon R5 A-Z | Everything You Need To Know To Take It Underwater [VIDEO]

Lightweight and Affordable Creative Control

Get the most out of your Canon R5 camera in surf, shallow water, and pool environments using the 50DL Underwater Housing. The housing provides full creative control over the camera. A dual-action lens release control makes it easy to use either EF or RF series lenses. Our custom ABS-PC blend is lighter than aluminum yet strong enough for almost anything you want to throw at it.

Includes housing and left handle. A lens port is required for waterproof operation (sold separately). The lens port is dependent on which lens(es) you will be shooting.

Refer to the DL Lens Port for Canon RF-Mount cameras.

Instruction Manual


4.7 lb (2123 g)


8.75 x 6.875 x 6.5"

220 x 175 x 165 mm

Depth Rating

50 feet (15 meters)

Dry Lock DL Port System

"Dry Lock" refers to the placement of the o-ring on the outside of the port mount. This improves your view of the o-ring and reduces the chances of water dropping onto your camera's sensor. 

DL ports are the lightest on the market, yet robust and capable of standing up to rough surf. Attachment is quick and secure. A system of extensions can accommodate a huge variety of lenses with ease. A large, soft-touch knob on the side of the housing makes fine tuned zoom or focus adjustments a breeze. Zoom and focus gears differ depending on which lens you are using.

Strobe Compatibility

Ikelite DS Strobes

Ikelite strobes can be used in manual power settings using an Ikelite-to-Ikelite sync cord. TTL exposure function is supported with a compatible DS Link TTL Converter.

Ikelite Non-Digital Strobes

Older non-digital strobes featuring an ICS-5 electrical sync cord bulkhead can be used with this system in manual exposure modes.

Non-Ikelite Strobes

SEA&SEA, INON, and Retra strobes with an electrical connection can be triggered in manual exposure modes using an electrical sync cord. Strobes without an electrical sync cord connection cannot be attached to this system unless slaved off of a hard-wired strobe.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic only strobes are not compatible with this installation. An external strobe must be connected by electrical sync cord.

Remote Triggering

Strobes with remote slave capabilities may be triggered off of a flash attached to the housing by electrical sync cord. Ikelite DS strobes support remote triggering using the High-Sensitivity Optical Slave Converter or the Water Wizard system (manufactured and sold by Aquatica).



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