Ikelite Straight Magnified Viewfinder for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras - 6890

Ikelite Straight Magnified Viewfinder for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras - 6890

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This viewfinder is designed to position the viewing window farther away from the housing without changing the viewfinder image size. Enjoy a brighter, larger image with less vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image) as compared to our standard viewfinder.

Since the viewing angle is consistent with how you use your camera already, the Straight Viewfinder is much easier to grow accustomed to than the 45° Viewfinder. It's also preferred when shooting over-under shots (half in, half out of the water).

The included tool makes it easy to remove your housing's original viewfinder, and both install and remove the Straight Magnified Viewfinder. We recommend removing the Straight Magnified Viewfinder from the housing for travel. Since no modification of the housing is necessary, the standard viewfinder may be re-installed and your Magnified Viewfinder will transition to your next Ikelite DSLR housing when you upgrade cameras.

This viewfinder is designed specifically for use with Ikelite housings.

What's included

  • Magnified viewfinder
  • Protective lens cap
  • Attachment tool
  • Spare o-ring
  • Anodized aluminium, glass, and delrin
  • 1.0x magnification
  • Dimensions 1.96 diameter x 4.33 inch (50 x 110 mm)
  • Weighs 9.7 oz (276 g)