Leak Insure

Protect Your Underwater Camera from Leaks & Condensation

Absorbs minor leaks and reduces camera fogging and allows more time to
get your equipment out of the water.
• Absorbs moisture and condensation.
• Reduces fogging of camera lens and housing.
• Helps protect lens and camera electronics from humidity.
• Prevents damage/corrosion from harming your camera equipment.
• Stops condensation in your underwater housing.

Leak Insure sachets contain highly absorbent granules that can hold 400 times their own weight.

A major problem that underwater photographers have to contend with is condensation on the inside of the camera housing. Cameras and strobes create heat during use, this heat warms the air inside the housing. When this warm air meets the cold housing, condensation is formed on the walls of the camera housing. Combat condensation with Leak Insure Sachets.

Now made for GoPro®! Introducing Leak Insure GoStrips! 

These are the perfect size and made purposfully for the GoPro® and other small cameras. The pack contains 16 Leak Insure GoStrips which can hold up to 15ml per strip - recommendation is two strips in your GoPro®. Check out the video:

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