KELDAN stands for compact lights that are not only extremely bright, but offer the best beam and colors for specialty applications such as underwater videos

  • Highest luminous flux 
  • Highest color rendering
  • Precise photometric specifications
  • Ultra compact design
  • Variable power
  • Self contained


KELDAN started in the early '90s when Daniel Keller manufactured a dive light as a birthday present to his wife. The performance and quality of the light was so good that he was asked to produced more for members of his local dive club. Since then, the business has grown to a worldwide respected manufacturer of highest performing underwater video lighting equipment.

Research and Development

KELDAN is continuously working on the improvement of our product line. We carefully design all our optical, mechanical and electronic components in-house to make sure even the professionals will be impressed by the quality of the products.

All of the optical specifications are carefully evaluated and verified in our own lab. As a result, we are able to make ultra compact lights that are not only extremely bright but offer the best beam and colors for specialty applications such as underwater videos.

Our Products

KELDAN video lights are known for very compact size, low weight and excellent photometric specifications. Thanks to its modular design, our lights can be configured to satisfy all needs of professional underwater video work. With our products we set the standard for high end underwater video lighting.

KELDAN handheld lights are full featured dive lights which are optimized for maximum brightness, small size and user friendliness. KELDAN lights are leading edge products with unmatched functionality and performance. With our different models we cover all applications starting from very compact lights for easy traveling up to extremely bright lights for professional applications.

Our Customers

KELDAN video lights are used by demanding videographers for semi professional video work and by professionals working for nature TV channels like National Geographic or for the movie industry.

KELDAN handheld lights are used by divers who need a light which is designed for highest performance, reliability and handling comfort. Typical application are diving in lakes, night dives, ice- wreck- and technical diving, rescue and outdoor operations and law enforcement. Keldan supplies professional customers like Japanese Self Defense Forces, Swiss Police, Norwegian NAVY and many others.

Laurent Ballesta talks about KELDAN lights from KELDAN on Vimeo.




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