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      JW Fishers are specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems. Their product line includes hand held and boat towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, video systems. side scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and scanning sonar.

      An extensive line of underwater cameras is offered that includes ROVs, towed video, drop video, diver-held camera, and a mini camera. Added to the array of products are acoustic pingers, a pinger receiver, sonar transponder, sonar interrogator, cable tracking system, and a pipe tracker. The newest products to hit the market are the SAR-1 underwater metal detector and the 5th generation Magnetometer, the Proton 5.

      With over 45 years of industry experience, JW Fishers has established a reputation for supplying high quality, reasonably priced underwater search systems. JW Fishers equipment in use by professional treasure hunters, commercial diving companies, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, search rescue teams and military units worldwide. Each and every product is backed by an Fishers’ unconditional, 2-year warranty.

      NOTE: Below we list our most popular JW Fishers products. All products are available - if you're looking for something not listed here, please contact us.

      Metal Detector vs. Magnetometer

      If you are searching primarily for nonferrous metal (gold, silver, lead, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc.), the best piece of equipment is a metal detector (Pulse 6X, Pulse 8X or SAR-1).

      If you are searching primarily for ferrous metal objects (iron and steel), the best piece of equipment is a magnetometer (DiverMag-1 or PT-1). The advantage of using a magnetometer is that it has a much greater detection area than a metal detector.

      Metal Detectors

      JW Fishers Pulse 6X Metal Detector

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      JW Fishers Pulse 8X Metal Detector

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      JW Fishers SAR-1 Search & Recovery Underwater Metal Detector

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      Aquascan AQ1B Aquapulse Underwater Metal Detector

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      JW Fishers DiverMag1 Magnetometer

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      Aquascan DX300 Diver Magnetometer

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      Survey and navigation software

      Aquascan offers various software packages, ranging from logging software for the AX2000 and MC5 magnetometers to Portable Navigator and AIS-sim.

      Interested in a Survey and navigation software? Contact us via email or phone on 09-521 0684 for a quote.

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