Shades of Colour 187 delayed, changes for 2024!

Shades of Colour 187 delayed, changes for 2024!

Shades of Colour #187, which officially closed Oct 30th, and was supposed to be published Nov 24th (whoops) will be delayed until end of February 2024. 

Submissions for 187 reopened

We will be accepting submissions again! If you have an underwater image you're proud of, or if you take any pictures in January that you want added, send 'em in! If you already sent entries but you took some photos you like more, send those in instead, no worries!

Send your entries by Monday 5th February 2024!

Changes for 2024

The usual criteria (below) applies, but with one alteration. From now on, we're changing our categories!

Say goodbye to "Advanced" and "Novice", say hello to our new categories: "Point n Shoot" and "Interchangable Lens Cameras" - ie DSLR or Mirrorless.

You don't even need to tell us which category - just tell us about your camera! And yes, you can enter both categories if you have multiple cameras. Make sure your details are correct.

How to enter

Please email a hi-res copy of your photo to: before Monday 5th February.

Subject line: S of C comp.

Plus the normal info such as:

  • Entry Name: your name
  • Country / State: where you're from, not the photo
  • Email Address:
  • Your URL: website or insta
  • Image Name:
  • Image Location: 
  • Photographic Equipment Used: **camera make and model**, lighting, housing etc
  • Image Details: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO etc
  • Any extra details you want to share!

Limit: 3 entries per photographer

See you next year!

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