Due Dates & Deadlines 2018

Due Dates & Deadlines 2018

Shades of Colour entry dates for each bi-monthly issue of Dive New Zealand magazine are as follows. Closing time will always be a Monday at 10am. We also have a reminder list, which you can sign up to here.

As you can see there is quite a gap between deadlines and the actual issue's publication (which is usually at the beginning of the first month). This is to give us lots of time to complete judging and production. The issue date/number is provided to let you know when to look out for your picture in the magazine. We notify winners via email.

  • Dec 4 - for the Feb/Mar 162 issue
  • January 15 - for the April/May 163 issue
  • March 12 - for the June/July 164 issue
  • May 14 - for the Aug/Sept 165 issue
  • July 16 - for the Oct/Nov 166 issue
  • September 17 - for the Dec/Jan 167 issue
  • November 12 - for the Feb/Mar 168 issue
  • January 14 2019 - for the April/May 169 issue

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