Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinders Explained

Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinders Explained

One of the best ways to improve your photography is the ability to see a bright and detailed image in the viewfinder. This allows you to make composition decisions in camera resulting in less cropping in post. It also allows you to see critical focus before ever pressing the shutter. Enhanced viewfinders can be used on any Nauticam camera system with an EVF or optical viewfinder. With EVFs on mirrorless cameras you can review images and even shoot video using the enhanced viewfinder. This is great for working fast or in bright conditions that make viewing the LCD screen difficult.

In addition to focusing and composition benefits, enhanced viewfinders are more comfortable to shoot with. They offer more clearance for your regulator and allow you to get your mask right up to the eyepiece. Nauticam produces both straight and angled viewfinders. Many photographers find the angled viewfinders to have a more comfortable viewing angle especially when shooting macro close to the bottom. Angled finders rotate in any direction so you can go from shooting horizontals to verticals with a simple twist of the viewfinder.



Nauticam enhanced viewfinders have been the industry standard for the past 10 years but with some recently released cameras that have larger EVFs it became apparent that an update was needed. There are four new enhanced viewfinder models all with updated optics. The improvements to the optics bring even sharper viewing to the already stunning line of enhanced viewfinders. All Nauticam viewfinders feature a dioptric adjustment that can be adjusted in the water to the divers eye site. Simply adjust the diopter until the camera information in the viewfinder is sharp. Nauticam viewfinders can be installed and uninstalled within seconds with no tools required. Making them easy and convenient to travel with.

To accommodate larger EVFs like the 0.64" EVF found on the Sony a1 and a7S III the new 0.8:1 viewfinders offer edge to edge viewing. They have a 0.8:1 magnification ratio and a 40° angle of view. They can also be used on any camera with a smaller EVF or optical viewfinder. This will allow you to see more of the viewfinder area with slightly less magnification when compared to the 1:1 models. Because they can be used with both older cameras and newer models with larger EVFs the 0.8:1 viewfinders are a great choice for anyone looking to future proof their purchase. The 0.8:1 viewfinders are available in both straight and angled versions.

The 1:1 viewfinders have the most magnification and offer edge to edge viewing on EVFs and optical viewfinders up to 0.5". They have a 1:1 magnification ratio and a 32° angle of view. These are the same specifications as the original Nauticam viewfinders but now feature the updated sharper optics. The 1:1 viewfinders are available in both straight and angled versions.  

The new viewfinders ship with a full frame collar that fits DSLR and most full frame MIL housings. On some smaller MIL housings an easily installed adapter is required. 

Reverse viewfinders also available, designed to be used with EMAL without the relay lens.

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