Our best products for caring for your gear.

Our best products for caring for your gear.

Sea Tech presents:

Our best products for caring for your gear.

We get a lot of queries about the best way to care for gear. Luckily for you, some of the best things you can do are also simple and very affordable. Here I count down our top four recommended products for extending and improving your gear's life.

4) NOVUS Polish – scratch remover for acrylic.

This stuff can be a lifesaver. Especially recommended for light scratches rather than deep ones, it really can rescue a port or lens you thought was a goner. We recommend light careful polishing motions. Please use the cloth that comes with the polish and keep it cleaned and dried. Even wiping your lens or dome on a piece of fabric not designed for glass can cause scratches – just ask someone you know who wears glasses every day!

3) Leak Insure.

Think of Leak Insure as your final line of defense against water. Alone, it’s not going to save your camera, but it might be just the thing to buy you some time to get to the surface if worst comes to worst and those leaks start to trickle in. It also seriously reduces fogging. It comes in four different sizes, including very handy teensy strips designed for GoPro that can be used for non-GoPro housings! Only a few extra bucks can save your camera.

2) Salt-Away Spray.

This is our number one recommendation for cleaning away salt from any of your dive gear and keeping everything in top shape. Yes, you read that right, any of your gear, from regulators to wetsuits to housings. All these items need some regular care and TLC to stay in their best working condition. And while you’re probably not risking your life if you skimp a little on your housing’s care, you may be risking your camera’s life. We recommend spraying with Salt-Away after you finish your dive, but 5-10 minutes before you soak it in warm soapy water. Don’t forget to really work those buttons!

(If you're looking for some more general info about housing care, try here.)

1) Silicone / lubricant / grease.

Keep those all-important O-rings in working order and protect them from friction and wear. Keep them lubricated and keep them clean. Some divers will tell you not to bother with silicone and to use spit as a lubricant (yep, really), but anyone worth their salt will know that you don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on dynamic seals, like buttons, where the O-rings deal with increased pressure on a regular basis.

Use the grease branded for the equipment you have. Not all O-rings are made from the same material and you don’t want to cause any unexpected problems. If you have multiple brands of underwater equipment, have multiple brands of grease.


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