Christmas hours and personal assistance

Christmas hours and personal assistance

Firstly, the team at Sea Tech would like to thank you for coming back to us again and again! We know you have options, it means a lot that you keep choosing us. Have a wonderful holiday break!
During the Christmas and New Years period the Sea Tech team is going to be semi-closed! But while we're "away from the office", we're not fully closed; we're running a ghost ship for you!
You can purchase from the website as usual - things might take a smidge longer but we'll get your gear to you. As usual, if there are unexpected delays, we'll let you know.
If you have non-urgent queries that require complicated advice or a full recommendation we'll get back to you when we're back in the office Jan 22nd 2023.
But! If you know what you need and it's urgent and for any reason you're unable to directly purchase it from the website - shoot us an email. If it's an emergency we'll get back to you.
Oh, and please send us your Shades of Colour competition images! Collecting until January 22nd also.
In the meantime, here's some helpful recommendations to tide you over!

Stuff we really like and you will too

Best Point-n-Shoot

Looking for a ready-to-go point-n-shoot system to jump in the ocean and take some great photos with much hassle? Look no further than the Olympus Tough TG-6 and Olympus PT-059 Housing.
We have these in stock and ready to ship. Perfect for some summer fun.

Best New Full Frame Camera

It's the Canon EOS R5 and we all knew it. Hailed as the newer, bigger, better version of the Canon 5D Mk III it had big shoes to fill and it's filling them.

Ikelite recommends the following lenses:

  • Canon EF 8-15mm Fisheye with EF to RF Adapter
  • Canon RF 14-35mm F4 IS USM
  • Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM

We recommend the Ikelite 200DL Housing or the Nauticam NA-R5. Check the port charts to get the correct ports.

Please note that housings are not kept in stock and are ordered to purchase. Delays of up to three weeks are likely for Ikelite.

Best Wide Angle Wet Lens for compact

This one's a tie.

The Nauticam WWL-C (Wide-angle Wet Lens Compact) is the little brother of the original WWL. We love it and our customers do too. Whether you are using a Nauticam housing, Ikelite or other - if you have an M67, M52 port - or if you have any Nauticam housing, you can use this lens. Just pick the right bayonet converter and Bob's your uncle! (The main ones are M67 and PT-059 for TG-6. If you've got a Nauticam housing check here.)

Our other winner is the INON UWL-95S M52, M67. We recommend you add the Dome Unit III as well - available in acrylic or glass, this is a more affordable option than Nauticam but with the same wide field of view! Because you can use the lens with and without the dome you get added versatility!

These are ready to ship - though the glass Dome Lens Unit III dome is a special order and will take a few weeks. Choose acrylic if you need it fast.

Best Wide angle lens for SLR/MIL? That's complicated, because it depends on your camera, lens and housing. For now, this applies to Nauticam housings only. Sorry Ikeliters. Nauticam housing users can find their lens on the appropriate port chart and find wet lens compatibility info. Or you can ask us, but expect this info when we're back in January.

Best Macro Wet lens

Depends how close up you want to get. Please note all the following lenses are M67 and other size port screws require a step-up or down adapter.

For super macro we recommend:

Not super but still pretty cool:

Best LED Lights

OK this one is tricky because it depends on your specific needs, but we will recommend a few favs that've been flying out the door!

We love the Bigblue AL1300NP Camo LED - a great general needs dive light @ 1300 lumens, narrow beam.

Want more light? Try the X-Adventurer M1800 Narrow Beam.

Looking for something with more power and spread? Try the VTL2600P Dual Beam - wide and narrow.

Along the same lines but even more lumens: Bigblue VTL8000P Dual Beam. 8000 lumens!

Best Strobes

This is a matter of personal preference, but it's definitely either INON Z-330, Ikelite DS230 or Sea&Sea YS-D3... unless you prefer the smaller ones for travel?

Call me a coward for not taking a stand... it's fine, I can take it.

Best (onlyest) GPS rescue Unit

Stay safe out there this summer! Get yourself a Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS. In stock and ready to ship.







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