Keldan Video 8M CRI Modular Video Light - 774

Keldan Video 8M CRI Modular Video Light - 774

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  • Vendor:Keldan

Very powerful, small and lightweight, 8'000 lumen LED video light with excellent colour rendering

  • Excellent color rendering index, typ. CRI 96 (Ra)
  • 28-105 watt LED power
  • 8'000 lumen, 5'600 kelvins
  • Burntime 45-170 minutes

LED technology with outstanding color rendering

The LED used for this video light provides a very natural white light in daylight quality with a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin and with an outstanding high color rendering of 96 (Ra).  A unique feature is the variable power with 5 settings ranging from 28-105 Watt.

Soft 90° beam

The unique optical design with diffuser and dome lens results a very soft and wide beam of 90° on land as well as in water. There are no hot spots and the edges are smooth.


The self contained design makes this light very easy to use. There is no need for special mountings for the battery canister.
The included bracket allows easy mounting on standard arm systems like the Ultra Light arms.

Small and lightweight

The design is optimized for very small dimensions and light weight. You do not find any other light on the market which is as small and powerful than the Video 8M CRI.
The complete set (light, bracket, diffuser) ads only 0.14kg to your gear.

Tough Design

The LED can not break and has almost unlimited lifetime.
Thanks to its overtemperature protection, the light can also be used outside the water.

Li-Ion Battery

The Video 8M CRI uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack which offers much higher power density and less weight compared to NiMH batteries. The Li-Ion batterypack also offers better performance in cold water conditions than NiMH batteries do. The batterypack can be easily exchanged within a few seconds. The wall adapter accepts 110V to 240V AC. Exchangeable adapter plugs allow worldwide use.

Charge Display

An eight stage charge level indicator gives you the charge level while charging or diving. 

Modular design

Available accessories and spare parts for this light are: 

  • 50° Reflector
  • UV LED Module
  • Extra battery pack
  • O-Ring Kit.


 Light flux max. power Candlepower max. power Burntime max. Power max. el. power
8'000 lumen 5'400 candela 45 minutes 105 watt
 Light flux min. power Candlepower min. power Burntime min. Power min. el. power
2'700 lumen 1800 candela 170 minutes 28 watt
 Beam angle Correlated Color Temperature Charge time Battery capacity
90°  5'600 kelvin 3-4 hours 97 Wh 14.8V
 Diameter (Head) Length Dry weight Wet weight
12 cm    29 cm 1.1 kg 0.14 kg