Keldan Video 18X FLUX Compact Video Light (prod no 847)

Keldan Video 18X FLUX Compact Video Light (prod no 847)

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  • Vendor:Keldan

21'000 lumen LED video light for professional applications

  • 21'000 lumens, 5'000 kelvins
  • 10-210 watt LED power
  • Burntime 45 minutes 15 hours

LED technology with outstanding efficiency

The Video 18X  is equipped with an LED of the latest generation with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin. The spectral power distribution is very even, resulting a color rendering index of 82 CRI (Ra). A unique feature is the variable power with 9 settings ranging from 10-210 Watt.

Soft 110° beam

The light uses a carefully designed reflector and a dome lens to achieve a very wide and smooth beam without any speckles or hot spots. Beam angle (full width, have maximum) is 110° in water (120° in air).


The self contained design makes this light very easy to use. There is no need for special mountings for a separate battery canister. The included bracket with ball allows easy mounting on standard arm systems.

Lightweight in water

The design is optimized for minimal negative buoyancy in water. The complete set is only 0.5kg negative. A foam bracket is available as accessory to further reduce the negative buoyancy to only 0.3kg.

Tough Design

The LED can not break and has almost unlimited lifetime. The integrated over-temperature protection allows safe use of the light in air.  The protection circuit controls the housing temperature and the power will be limited to keep the temperature within an acceptable range.

Li-Ion Battery

The light is powered by 3 batteries of 73Wh each. They are mounted in a battery tray to make a single, easy to use 219Wh battery. The battery tray can be easily exchanged within a few seconds.  For safe airline transport, the three batteries can be easily removed from the battery tray and transported individually to meet the requirement of a maximum allowed capacity of 100Wh per battery. The charger accepts 110V to 240V AC.

Charge Display on the rear side

An eight stage bar indicator gives you a quick overview of the available charge. A 3 digit display shows the remaining charge time and the remaining discharge time in minutes.


Available accessories for this light: 

  • O-Ring Kit 
  • Extra battery Tray with a set of batteries
  • Spare battery kit


Light flux max. power Candlepower max. power Burntime max. Power max. el. power
21'000 lumen 9'000 candela 45 minutes 210 watt
 Light flux min. power Candlepower min. power Burntime min. Power min. el. power
1'000 lumen 400 candela 900 minutes 10 watt
 Beam angle Correlated Color Temperature Charge time Battery capacity
110° (in water), 120° (in air) 5'000 kelvin 3-4 hours 3x73 Wh 14.8V
 Diameter (Head)  Length Dry weight Wet weight
11 cm 33 cm 2.5 kg 0.5 kg