Inon LF1400-S Flashlight

Inon LF1400-S Flashlight

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Powerful 1,400 lumen/long burn time at enormous budget price
Two power settings, 6 x AA batteries operated, user friendly and minimal operating cost

The LF1400-S runs on 6 x AA batteries which are readily available yet provides maximum 1,400 lumen with on board Cree’s new power LED "XM-L2".

Simple yet durable switch provides two power setting(FULL/LOW). You can choose either LOW mode (700 lumen) with longer burn time or powerful FULL mode (1,400 lumen) depending on usage.

The rated practical burn time with compatible "eneloop"/"eneloop pro" rechargeable batteries, is approx. 65 minutes at FULL mode or approx. 175minutes (2hrs 55 min) at LOW mode.

The LF1400-S offers you more than double performance of existing model (LE700-S) at less than double price.

Natural 5,000K beam for photography/videography
Selectable beam coverage/color with standard filters

Carefully selected LED produces color temperature 5,000K (kelvin) to benefit improved color reproducibility and is able to lit a subject in natural color without any color filter.

Standard packaged accessory of the LF1400-S includes "Wide Filter LF-S" to increase standard 30 degree beam coverage at 30% more (approx. 40 degree) and also soften the light itself.
Other "Red Filter LF-S" and "Wide Red Filter LF-S" are also packaged to change color tone not to stimulate shy marine lives.

The LF1400-S is a multipurpose LED flashlight not only as powerful dive light but also as serious lighting device for underwater imaging.

Durable with flood-free structure

The LF1400-S has a simple rotary switch with a lock ring to ensure you with reliable ON/OFF operation and greatly reduces flooding risk as batteries are loaded from other end of the light body and movable parts are equipped with double O-ring.
The light head and battery box are made from aluminum alloy carrying corrosion resistance in seawater for ultra durability.

Supported by wide range of accessories

"Single Light Holder LF" and "Strobe Light Holder LF" support different combination for various lighting needs and " Light Case LF 6AA" benefits you to carry this flashlight standalone underwater on a belt or horse.

Interchangeable Light Head

The Light Head is usable for other 6 x AA battery operated LF series products.