Ikelite NiMH Battery Pack for PRO-Video II-3, PRO-2800 - 1400.8

Ikelite NiMH Battery Pack for PRO-Video II-3, PRO-2800 - 1400.8

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A high-grade NiMH battery pack mounts on the bottom of the housing for superior weight distribution and improved handling underwater. Additional battery packs may be purchased separately to quickly exchange for a fully charged pack and keep shooting. Usable with PRO-Video II, PRO-Video 3, and PRO-2800 light heads.

Run two light heads off of a single battery pack while your spare pack charges for reduced system weight, but half the burn time. Or purchase the optional Double Battery Pouch to attach two batteries to your system. Connect two battery packs together using an optional 6-inch Jumper Cable for twice the burn time on a single light head.

Our SpD/PRO Video Smart Charger featuring interchangeable plugs (Product Number 1403.4) is required for use with NiMH batteries. Older Smart Chargers with interchangeable power cords are not compatible with the new batteries and will cause damage to the pack. Please check the compatibility of your charger prior to charging. Smart charger sold separately.

Comes with:

  • Battery pack
  • Waterproof bulkhead caps
  • 2 x 8 in (6 x 20 mm)
  • Rechargeable 13V 4.5Ah NiMH batteries