Nauticam Flash Trigger for Nikon (compatible with NA-D4/s, D800/II, D600,D750, D810) - 26303

Nauticam Flash Trigger for Nikon (compatible with NA-D4/s, D800/II, D600,D750, D810) - 26303

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Nauticam shipped a Flash Trigger unit for Canon in 2013, and it has proven to be an excellent tool for underwater photographers. Nauticam is now producing a version for Nikon, and it is an ideal solution for the Nikon NA-D4S. NA-D800 and NA-D600 shooters can also take advantage of the speed and convenience of this flash trigger, and since the pop-up flash is no longer the gating factor, the result is faster recycle, less heat build-up and better battery life.

Shooting with Fiber Optic cables means shooting with confidence. There are no sync cables to flood or corrode, meaning much higher reliability, and the strobe can even be removed from the rig, while underwater, for off-board lighting opportunities. Nauticam fiber optic cables have the highest light throughput of any optical cables on the market, making the Nauticam Flash Trigger even that much more reliable.

This flash trigger is manual only; automatic flash exposure (TTL) is not currently enabled. The Flash Trigger is a tool for reliable, fast external flash firing in manual flash mode.  Supported strobes include the Inon Z-240 Type 4, D-2000 Type 4, S-2000, Sea & Sea YS-250*, YS-01, and YS-D.

The Flash Trigger for Nikon weighs under 70 grams, including batteries, and mounts on the camera hotshoe, locking in place with a locking lever. It uses 2 CR3032 batteries, which combined with the highly efficient LED trigger lights, provide for thousands of flashes (10000 estimated). An LED status indicator informs the user that the unit is on and functional.

*  2013 model YS-250 strobes have been tested and function properly.  Earlier models may have less sensitive slave sensors and be incompatible.

Compatibility list:

  • #26303 Flash trigger for Nikon (compatible with NA-D4/s, D800/II, D600,D750, D810)
  • #26304 Flash trigger for Nikon (compatible with NA-D7100, D7200, D7500)

* Nauticam Flash Trigger is not compatible with Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobe.

Spare Part:

26311 Batteries for flash trigger (2pcs CR3032)