Aquascan International Ltd has over 25 years experience in underwater metal detection for commercial operations, serious treasure hunters and hobbyists alike. The market place for our products and services is truly worldwide with a high proportion of the business being export based. Based at customised premises in Newport, S. Wales; the company has gradually broadened the range and sophistication of the instrumentation produced and has included the provision of customer training and the supply of specialist survey services to clients.

      Metal Detector vs. Magnetometer

      If you are searching primarily for nonferrous metal (gold, silver, lead, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc.), the best piece of equipment is a metal detector.

      If you are searching primarily for ferrous metal objects (iron and steel), the best piece of equipment is a magnetometer. The advantage of using a magnetometer is that it has a much greater detection area than a metal detector.

      2 products

      2 products